Florida State Rep. Anna Eskamani had herself a lovely time last night at an Intern Appreciation Dinner:

Here’s a screenshot, just to make sure it’s preserved for posterity:

You might be asking yourselves why we’d want to preserve that tweet. It seems innocent enough. Just interns having fun making Florida a better place for everybody!

Well, Eskamani, at least, isn’t so innocent. Not when she’s been going hard after Gov. Ron DeSantis for opposing mask mandates.


So interns are responsible people, but other Floridians aren’t? That should play well!

Tsk-tsk, Rep. Eskamani. Who do you think you are? Nancy Pelosi?

When will these people learn?

Sorry, guys. It’s different when she does it:

If calling out a flaming hypocrite is trolling, then consider us trolls.