In case you missed it, Bill Cosby’s conviction has been overturned, and he’ll be walking out of prison a free man after serving far less time than his original sentence called for.

Believe it or not, some people are actually quite pleased.

And by “former co-star,” we assume Jim means Phylicia Rashad, aka Claire Huxtable.

Rashad actually seems pretty excited about this new development in the Cosby case:

Oh. Oh. Well, um …

Guess so.

Understandable. We’d probably want to block replies, too. We can’t imagine her take is a terribly popular one right now.

People from all walks of life, from all parts of the political spectrum, are finding common ground in wondering what the hell Phylicia Rashad is doing.

Yiiiiiiiikes, Howard. Good luck with this one.


Phylicia Rashad might want to, as well.