Back when Krysten Sinema was originally running for U.S. Senate, we had our doubts. She made some comments about Arizonans and meth, and then of course she was a Democrat, which is rarely a good thing.

But since she began her Senate term, she’s been growing on us. It’s hard not to respect her for actually giving a damn about what’s best for her constituents as opposed to what’s best for her popularity.

The interesting thing is that not caring about her popularity has actually made her … pretty popular:


A loss is certainly doubtful at the rate she’s going.


Quite a difference.

Now, obviously, polls can be wrong. Sample size matters, and polls are not necessarily a totally accurate reflection of public sentiment.

But the fact remains that Krysten Sinema has broad appeal that transcends party lines, which means she’s in a pretty good position when it comes to the longevity of her political career.