National Review’s Jim Geraghty has a reputation in political circles as a nice guy. And don’t get us wrong: he is.

But even nice guys get pissed off sometimes. That’s what happened today, and you know what? We don’t blame Geraghty at all.

Geraghty was minding his own business when Shay Khatiri, a writer at the Bulwark (because of course), tweeted about something Geraghty said on a National Review podcast:

Great observation, Shay. Too bad it’s BS.


Or, if that’s too much of a commitment, Shay can just stick around and get schooled by Geraghty on Twitter for free:

Jim Geraghty dropping the F-bomb is not something you see every day. But when someone’s brazenly mischaracterizing your remarks, it’s bound to raise your temper a bit.

Ask questions before you start shooting? So crazy, it just might work!

Wear it like a badge of honor, Mr. Geraghty.

You don’t mess around with Jim.

Funny … that’s how a lot of conservatives feel about Bulwark founder Bill Kristol.

Anyway, some excellent parting advice from Geraghty: