Tweeter @MollyRatty (and @molratty before that) has been a Twitchy fixture for a while now.

And now she’s gone, thanks to self-described “First Amendment & defamation lawyer” Ari Cohn, who took offense to something she’d said and decided to retaliate by doxxing her:

A blue check for being a verified piece of garbage:

You can just picture him looking at himself in a mirror, blowing kisses and winking and being so proud that he triumphed over someone of infinitely better character.

Liars lie.

And Ari Cohn is very, very good at being an a-hole.

Word to the wise: If you’re looking for a good free speech lawyer, Ari Cohn’s not your guy.

We honestly can’t blame her in the least. Still, though, here’s hoping:

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