Earlier this week, law professor Khaled Beydoun tweeted out a photo of a billboard urging that the 2022 Olympic Winter Games be moved from Beijing to another city:

The comparison is … not subtle. But it’s apt, given the Chinese government’s ongoing systematic genocidal campaign against Uighur Muslims.

Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar retweeted it:

Let’s be very clear about something: we generally find Ilhan Omar’s views to be abhorrent. She’s made more bigoted and anti-Semitic remarks than we can count. Her policy ideas are terrible and deeply rooted in ignorance.

But if we’re going to call her out over something, it sure as hell won’t be for pointing out China’s human rights abuses.

Apparently journalist and anti-Israel filmmaker Dan Cohen doesn’t share our feelings on that:

OK, but …

That’s because it is absolutely a non sequitur.

Is anyone justifying the Rape of Nanjing? Excusing it? Minimizing it? No.

But Dan seems to wish they were, because he’s going to bat pretty damn hard for China.

When you’re such a ChiCom apologist that you’re accusing Ilhan Omar of peddling right-wing propaganda, it might be time to seek professional help. At the very least, you need to get out more.