All the haters out there saying that Joe Biden’s HHS Secretary nominee Xavier Becerra sued a group of nuns need to get their facts straight.

And who better to help them do that than the Washington Post Fact Checker?

Let’s do this:

It’s totally different, you guys.

Salvador Rizzo explains:

Becerra did not sue the Little Sisters of the Poor as attorney general. California and other states sued the Trump administration to block regulatory moves that they argued were an attack on the ACA’s contraceptive mandate. The Little Sisters of the Poor intervened on its own initiative in that court battle, taking Trump’s side. For these reasons, it’s misleading to say Becerra sued the nuns.

However, the Little Sisters are a litigant in the case, recognized by the courts as having a stake in the outcome and standing to participate in the proceedings. The Little Sisters and Becerra have been arguing on opposing sides, even if the attorney general did not sue the nuns.

These legal complexities make it difficult to assign a Pinocchio rating. Suffice it to say there’s a difference between suing nuns and suing the federal government in a case that nuns decide to join.

It’s just too complex! Becerra’s critics just don’t understand the complexities, complexities that make it difficult for the Washington Post Fact Checker to assign a Pinocchio rating.

Shut up, rubes! Why aren’t you satisfied?


Hell of a Fact Checker.

Just amazing.

Maybe the more you do it, the easier it gets.

And for the guy who nominated him.