In case you missed it, GOP Sen. Mike Lee recently said of the Capitol riots that “everyone makes mistakes, everyone’s entitled to a mulligan.”

Vox’s Aaron Rupar heard him and was appalled:

Because who wouldn’t be appalled by callous remarks like that?

You’re right, Jaime. It’s not a damn golf game.

And Mike Lee never suggested it was, which you’d never know if you only went by what Aaron Rupar chose to show you.

Former NRSC and Orrin Hatch comms guy Matt Whitlock did what Rupar was counting on his followers not to do and viewed Mike Lee’s remarks in context and go figure! Rupar’s characterization of what Lee said was deliberately dishonest:

It only requires a little more than five seconds to realize that Rupar wasn’t telling the whole story in this case. And no time whatsoever to understand what kind of journalist Aaron Rupar is.

This is Aaron Rupar and Co.

Add it to the long list of things the media didn’t learn in 2020.


For what it’s worth, Rupar thinks Whitlock’s the one not presenting the full story:

See? Aaron totally included “the full context”! In a totally separate tweet. That he totally knew way fewer people would notice or care about or spread around.

He attached another tweet, you guys!

Bad faith is Aaron Rupar’s M.O.

Aaron Rupar will die on the hill of intellectual dishonesty.

At least he knows he’ll be able to dig his own grave.