Yesterday, California Governor — and flaming hypocrite — Gavin Newsom announced a new “Regional Stay-At-Home Order” system:

Notice that restaurants aren’t open for indoor dining. OK. We get it. Close quarters during a pandemic are not ideal. But under the order, restaurants aren’t open for outdoor dining, either.

And Californians like SLAPFISH chef/owner Andrew Gruel are understandably pissed off.

Yesterday, Gruel — who from what we can gather has been willingly following COVID19 protocols as a business owner concerned about his clientele’s health and safety — decided he was simply fed up with the arbitrarily punitive nature of Newsom and the California government’s pandemic response.

And he didn’t hold back.

We’d say Gruel’s got the right to be fuming.

He seems like the kind of guy who would do good things with it:

Editor’s note: We’ve corrected a typo in the headline of this post.


‘More of this!’ Redondo Beach eatery owner sends ‘not-so-subtle message’ to Gavin Newsom et al. who want outdoor dining shut down [pic]