Last night, AOC took a mighty swing at Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans … and wound up decking Nancy Pelosi and House Dems.

We really don’t know how AOC can string a sentence together on the strength of her three functioning brain cells.

GOP Sen. Ted Cruz was among those who helpfully reminded AOC that it’s Democrats who have endlessly obfuscated and thwarted every Republican effort to pass COVID19 relief:

The truth hurts. It hurts so badly, evidently, that AOC decided to take another swing to defend herself from Cruz’s blow:

Bless her heart.

Or almost as embarrassing as a U.S. Representative not knowing what her own party has been up to!

AOC seems not to know a lot of things.



In honor of Thanksgiving, AOC has apparently decided to corncob herself:

She just can’t take the L, can she?

And if anyone knows about trying to escape accountability, it’s AOC.



She’s still going, bless her heart:

They’re fighting over politics. And they’re willing to let people struggle and, yes, even die while they do it.