With Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation looking all but inevitable, the media are pulling out all the stops in a last-ditch effort to undermine it.

Here’s the Associated Press’ latest attempt:

Here’s how the exposé starts out:

The policies that discriminated against LGBTQ people and their children were in place for years at Trinity Schools Inc., both before Barrett joined the board in 2015 and during the time she served.

The three schools, in Indiana, Minnesota and Virginia, are affiliated with People of Praise, an insular community rooted in its own interpretation of the Bible, of which Barrett and her husband have been longtime members. At least three of the couple’s seven children have attended the Trinity School at Greenlawn, in South Bend, Indiana.

Wow. Clearly Amy Coney Barrett should not only not be confirmed, but she should be driven out of polite society and possibly thrown into prison.

And? And … we should be really, really outraged that Amy Coney Barrett served on the board of private Christian schools with policies in line with Christian teaching.

This crap was already tiresome and obnoxious. Now it’s just straight-up infuriating.

They couldn’t look any more desperate if they tried.

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