Remember the show “NUMB3RS”? If not, that’s OK. It wasn’t very good.

Which is really surprising when you consider that a guy like Nicolas Falacci co-created it. Like, look at his take on Amy Coney Barrett. Clearly he’s got creativity to spare:

Well, that took a fun turn! We mean, “Amy Coney Island Barrett” was a pretty great start, but the way he followed that all the way to “FASCIST”? Just amazing.

As you can imagine, Nick’s managed to cook up quite a ratio:

And if anyone deserves it, he does. Nice job, Nick!

Not if Nick is any indication.

We hope Nick gets the help he so desperately needs. Because he needs it pretty desperately.

As do a lot of lefties flipping their lids over Amy Coney Barrett right now.

Pro tip #1: Don’t throw the “fascist” label at everything you don’t like.

Pro tip #2: