Earlier this week, Democratic presidential vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris ventured out with California Gov. Gavin Newsom to areas that have sustained significant damage due to wildfires:

But apparently Harris and Newsom were a little too busy posing for dramatic photos to make sure the property owners were OK with them being there:


The home on Auberry Road is still under an evacuation order, so the owners have not been able to check up on their property themselves yet.

“This isn’t just devastation, this is our lives. This is where we grew up, these are our memories. And to not have that – to feel so helpless – and I guess that’s what we’ve all been thinking, is that we were so helpless. Because we weren’t there, we haven’t gotten to deal with our loss. Instead, we’re having to watch it play out on social media and news.”

Senator Harris told reporters filming her around the property, “These are the stories behind these fires.”

But Harris and Newsom weren’t interested in the stories. Which means it’s up to the actual victims to tell those stories.

Here are relevant Facebook posts from the property owners’ children, Trampas and Bailee Patten (via Fox 26 News):

Just gross. But not at all surprising given who we’re dealing with.

On-brand for both of those phony jerks.