Not sure this will have much of an impact on CNN, but we can at least understand the motivations behind the gesture. Apparently a pro-Bernie Sanders subreddit “is indefinitely suspending the hosting of all content produced by CNN”:

CNN’s treatment of the escalating tensions between Elizabeth Warren vs. Bernie Sanders has indeed been pretty horrendous. From the get-go, they threw their lot in with Warren without reservation (no pun intended, of course).

CNN didn’t confirm Warren’s Bernie-told-me-a-woman-couldn’t-win-the-presidency story before running with it, and they spent Tuesday night’s debate carrying water for her. So we get where SandersForPresident is coming from.

As we suggested above, one subreddit’s move won’t necessarily prove to be consequential as far as the election is concerned. On the other hand, if enough Bernie Sanders supporters get tired of CNN and the rest of the MSM’s conduct, who knows?