Did you know there’s yet another adaptation of “Little Women” currently playing in theaters? Did you know that if you don’t want to go see it, you’re probably just a sexist man?

Kristy Eldredge writes:

While the box office numbers following its release on Wednesday suggest the movie has found a decent audience — it placed third, behind the new “Star Wars” and the latest “Jumanji,” on opening day — that unconscious bias has seemed to trickle down to the casual male viewer as well, if Twitter is any indication. The New York Times critic Janet Maslin recently tweeted her surprise at the “active hostility about ‘Little Women’ from men I know, love and respect.”

She also described the movie’s “problem with men” as “very real.” Someone tweeted in response: “It’s not a ‘problem.’ We just don’t care.”

And that’s highly problematic, you guys. Because we’re on the cusp of 2020, and men should obviously have progressed enough to want to see every woman-centric movie without hesitation.

Or maybe — just maybe — wokescolds like Kristy Eldredge just don’t know what to do with themselves if they can’t find something to complain about. It’s not really a problem that lots of men don’t want to see “Little Women,” so let’s make it a problem, dammit!

And what of the women who don’t really care about seeing “Little Women”? Are they just self-loathing, willing victims of the patriarchy?

Good point.

The remakes are getting almost as old as the constant barrage of hot takes shaming anyone who’s not sufficiently woke.

Make movies people want to see, and people will see them. Seems pretty simple to us.

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