Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won’t stand for any Democratic presidential candidate who’s not as far to the Left as she is. Nobody but Bernie Sanders (and maybe Elizabeth Warren on deck) will do.

So AOC’s taking matters into her own hands. Well, into the hands of her pals at Justice Democrats. Justice Democrats recently sent out a fundraising email suggesting that Pete Buttigieg (who’s publicly embraced pretty far-Left policies) is not a “real Democrat who [fights] for progressive value” because he held a fancy fundraiser in a fancy wine cave:

Sounds like it could’ve been written by Bernie Sanders himself! It might as well have been, actually:

Coincidence, we’re sure. And Lord knows that neither Bernie Sanders or AOC have wealthy supporters or live in relative luxury compared to the working class Americans they claim to represent.

Not nearly enough.

It’s always entertaining to watch Democrats self-cannibalize. They managed to lose to Donald Trump in 2016, and the way things are shaping up, they’re fixing to lose to him even more bigly in 2020.

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