As Twitchy told you earlier, Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar tweeted about a 9-month-old boy who “died as a direct result of Trump’s cuts to Medicaid and CHIP”:

What Omar forgot to mention was that she was lying through her teeth:

Indeed, why is that tweet still up? Wasn’t it just yesterday that Omar’s fellow Squad member and anti-Semitic soul sister AOC was going off on Mark Zuckerberg for failing to do enough to keep Facebook free of lies?

We know Twitter isn’t the same as Facebook, but shouldn’t AOC’s anti-lie crusade extend to other powerful social media platforms?

We’re just dying to hear how she feels about Ilhan Omar brazenly spreading outright fake news on social media.

We’re not psychics or anything, but at this point, we feel pretty confident saying that AOC won’t be coming after Jack Dorsey to do something about Ilhan Omar’s lies. After all, AOC regularly uses Twitter to push lies of her own.

But hey, at least the media firefighters who fawned over AOC’s absurd line of questioning for Zuckerberg yesterday will call Omar out today, right?