Did the Robert Mueller plot just get a little thicker? Fox News’ Bret Baier and Jake Gibson are out with a new report today claiming that Mueller had expressed in replacing James Comey as FBI director before he met with Donald Trump on May 16. 2017. Mueller later testified under oath before Congress in July that as far as he knew, when he met with Trump, he “was not applying for the job […] I was asked to give my input on what it would take to do the job.”

More from Bret Baier and Jake Gibson:

Multiple administration officials tell Fox News that when Robert Mueller met with President Trump in May of 2017, Mueller was indeed pursuing the open post as the director of the FBI – something the former Russia probe special counsel denied under oath during congressional testimony this summer.

These officials also told Fox News government documents showed Mueller was pursuing the job as a candidate himself.

It came as emails released this month through a Freedom of Information Act request by the conservative group Judicial Watch seemed to indicate Mueller knew there was a real possibility he could be named special counsel if he wasn’t chosen as the next FBI director.

“It has been reported that Robert Mueller is saying that he did not apply and interview for the job of FBI Director (and get turned down) the day before he was wrongfully appointed Special Counsel” Trump tweeted the day of Mueller’s Capitol Hill testimony. “Hope he doesn’t say that under oath in that we have numerous witnesses to the interview, including the Vice President of the United States!”

Mueller did not immediately return a request for comment from Fox News on Tuesday.

Stay tuned?