We’re still well over a year from the next Inauguration Day, but Donald Trump should probably just go ahead and call the moving company now. No way he survives this hot Newsweek scoop:

More on this developing scandal:

A distant cousin of the president, Alice Mackay—related to Trump through his mother’s family, the McLeods—said the commander-in-chief is an unpleasant man who has never used any of his wealth to help his mother’s local community.

The 79-year-old spoke in glowing terms about Trump’s late mother—Mary Anne MacLeod, who died in 2000—and his older sister—Maryanne Trump Barry, 82—saying they were both generous people who made many contributions to the Isle of Lewis, an island located in Scotland’s far northern Outer Hebrides archipelago.

Mackay told Scottish newspaper The National: “I don’t like the man at all, he’s so unlike his mother and father.” She recalled that Mary Anne and Fred Trump were “lovely parents, I don’t know what went wrong with him. My mum and dad were second cousins. Every time they were over here they came to ours for dinner.

Mackay recalled one morning when the future president committed two social faux pas in quick succession. “He was here one morning I was busy making pancakes and he had forgotten my husband had died,” she said. “He put a few pancakes in [his] pocket and never said ‘cheerio’ or anything.”

At last! A rock-solid case for impeachment.

Trump will never recover from this. Never.