As Twitchy told you, Cenk Uygur’s delightful nephew Hasan Piker’s been mocking GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw for losing an eye to an IED — and hailing the terrorist responsible as a “brave f*cking soldier.”

This afternoon, Crenshaw took Piker to task again:

And Piker admitted that he was wrong and has been behaving like a soulless, morally bankrupt jackass.

Just kidding! He doubled down:

“Imprecise language”? It was offensive, to be sure, there was nothing imprecise about it.

Everyone understood Hasan loud and clear:

Those human puddles of gutter slime seem pretty eager to take Piker’s “weaponized” language and run with it. And that’s OK, because this is really all Crenshaw and the Right’s fault anyway. They should’ve just taken Piker’s hateful viciousness and left him alone.

Hasan’s shouting his awfulness from the rooftops.

Can’t stop, won’t stop.

How much deeper can he dig it? Stay tuned and find out!