As Twitchy told you earlier, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez went after Kellyanne Conway for using the term “catfight” to describe her ongoing feud with Nancy Pelosi. According to AOC, “catfight” is a “sexist term Republicans use”:

Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe was one of many who pointed out that Conway being a woman kind of throws a wrench in AOC’s argument:

And, as usual, instead of backing off and admitting that maybe she’d gotten a little bit ahead of herself, AOC grabbed her shovel and doubled down:

Yeah, the word “patriarchy” is definitely not gender-specific or anything.

You people and your words-have-meanings hangups.


But clearly patriarchy has no gender if AOC, as a stunning and brave woman, thinks it’s cool to disparage Lisa Boothe for having a successful FNC gig. Sexism for AOC, not for thee!

(No, “we” are not.)

You bet they are.

Ha! But enough about AOC.