You know, we were just thinking to ourselves that Jim Acosta’s book didn’t do enough to accurately convey the serious dangers faced by our Guardians of Truth. The firefighters need a bigger hose.

Brian Stelter is that hose:

More from The Hill:

CNN media correspondent Brian Stelter has sold the rights to an upcoming book focused on Fox News and President Trump to Simon & Schuster, the publishing house announced Friday.

Stelter, who hosts CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” has yet to announce the book’s title but has said it will examine the symbiotic relationship between Fox News and Trump, a frequent guest on the network who has sometimes tapped its personalities for positions in his administration.

“You can’t understand America right now without understanding the role of Fox News, and no one is better positioned to tell that story than Brian Stelter,” Julia Cheiffetz, publisher of One Signal, a division of Simon & Schuster, told Deadline in a statement.

Definitely no one is better positioned to tell the story of Fox News and Trump, given that Stelter has managed to parlay his obsession with Fox News and Trump into a successful CNN career. Seriously, the only person who watches Fox News more than Trump might actually be Brian Stelter himself.

We can already tell this book is gonna be a game changer.

This will be better.

Well, he hasn’t announced the title yet, so there’s still time for him to pick that one.