According to the Mueller report, Sarah Sanders admitted to having no basis for her claims before the press that “countless” FBI agents had lost faith in James Comey. A lot of people who didn’t bat an eye when Robert Gibbs, Jay Carney, and Josh Earnest stood at the podium and lied through their teeth are suddenly outraged that a White House press secretary would be less than forthright with the truth. We yearn for the days when lying was wrong no matter which letter the liar had after their name.

Well anyway, New York Magazine went after Sanders again today, accusing her of lying about reporter April Ryan’s comment about “lopping the heads off” of Trump staffers, a comment Ryan made immediately after calling for Sanders to be fired.

We can certainly argue back and forth about whether Ryan’s comments constituted a threat or just another in a long line of petty and tasteless swipes. What we can’t argue about is whether or not Brian Stelter is in any position to be passing judgment on someone “purposefully mischaracterizing” anything:

Mischaracterizing a figure of speech seems like a far lesser offense than, say, inviting an ignorant, emotionally driven gun control activist on your ostensible Sunday “news” show and allowing him to lie repeatedly without correcting the record for your audience. Stelter and his CNN colleagues regularly mischaracterize not just figures of speech, but actual reality in order to advance false narratives.

Meanwhile, is there any doubt that Brian would be flipping his lid if Sanders had even sarcastically suggested that journalists trafficking in fake news should get their heads lopped off?

Parting advice for Brian:

Just play it safe and sit all of them out.



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