Wall Street Journal critic and Commentary critic-at-large Terry Teachout was minding his own business when someone — or, rather, someones — hacked his Twitter account over the weekend. Except they didn’t just hack it; they used it to post “obscene” tweets. And held it for ransom. Oh, and they called him on the phone multiple times.

More from Teachout:

Accordingly, I’ve asked Twitter to deactivate @terryteachout and have started a brand-new Twitter account, @TerryTeachout1. This means, of course, that all of my old Tweets will vanish into the memory hole and that I will lose my 15,000 followers. Be that as it may, I feel more comfortable with this drastic solution: I simply don’t want to be associated with the old account any more. It feels dirty, if you know what I mean, in the same way that a house that has been burglarized feels dirty. All things considered, I’d rather start from scratch.

So, what did Teachout get for reaching out to Twitter support for help? This:

The hell?

Apparently that’s just too much to ask of Twitter.

These days, there’s not much common ground between liberals and conservatives, but tweeters of all political stripes are uniting in their disgust for Twitter’s shameful handling of this situation.

It’s looking more and more like the answer to that question is no.


Meanwhile, since Twitter’s in no rush to make this right, do Teachout — and yourselves — a favor:



Holy crap, it’s about damn time!

And all it took was bipartisan public shaming of Twitter on their own platform.