Holy crap, you guys. Need more proof that Michael Avenatti is the gift that keeps on giving? Look no further than this:

Here’s the first part of Stormy Daniels’ statement to the Daily Beast:

“For months I’ve asked Michael Avenatti to give me accounting information about the fund my supporters so generously donated to for my safety and legal defense. He has repeatedly ignored those requests. Days ago I demanded again, repeatedly, that he tell me how the money was being spent and how much was left. Instead of answering me, without my permission or even my knowledge Michael launched another crowdfunding campaign to raise money on my behalf. I learned about it on Twitter.

And here’s Avenatti’s response:

“I am and have always been Stormy’s biggest champion. I have personally sacrificed an enormous amount of money, time and energy toward assisting her because I believe in her. I have always been an open book with Stormy as to all aspects of her cases and she knows that. The retention agreement Stormy signed back in February provided that she would pay me $100.00 and that any and all other monies raised via a legal fund would go toward my legal fees and costs. Instead, the vast majority of the money raised has gone toward her security expenses and similar other expenses. The most recent campaign was simply a refresh of the prior campaign, designed to help defray some of Stormy’s expenses.”

And if there’s one attribute Avenatti has demonstrated himself to possess, it’s integrity.

Guys. You guys.

In all seriousness, though:

And it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

From your lips to God’s ears.

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