This is why we can’t have nice things. Hot garbage like this from the Guardian:

Caspar Salmon writes:

In another sense, Elba fits squarely into an amusing pattern that People has been building up over the years, which sees them plump for decidedly masculine, established, patriarchal figures. The award, in other words, is relentlessly straight: this makes it feel weirdly detached from contemporary public discourse, which has clearly cross-pollinated with queer culture where the attractiveness of men is concerned.

People magazine traditionally favours the lantern-jawed hetero – when they call [Nick] Nolte a man’s man, they don’t mean he’s a man’s man – who eats well, stinks of money and conjures up the word “ranch” when pictured.

The prize tells us a good deal about the cult of masculinity still prevalent in the world, which equates male looks with “sexiness” rather than beauty. This emphasis on sexual attraction brings power and dominance into consideration alongside mere aesthetic qualities.

They thought that was such a good take, they tweeted out two more times:

Check out the ratio on that last one:

Totally deserved. What the hell is wrong with thinking Idris Elba is sexy? Why do clowns like Caspar Salmon feel the need to crap on anything good in this world?


Sing it, sister.

We can’t wait for the next hot take on sexiness from Caspar and the Guardian: