In case you missed it, earlier today, the Trump administration announced that they’ll be reimposing sanctions that were lifted under the Iran Deal:

More from the AP:

The Trump administration on Friday announced the reimposition of all U.S. sanctions on Iran that had been lifted under the 2015 nuclear deal.

The sanctions will take effect Monday and cover Iran’s shipping, financial and energy sectors. It’s the second batch of penalties that the administration has reimposed since President Donald Trump withdrew from the landmark deal in May.

With limited exceptions, the sanctions will penalize countries that don’t stop importing Iranian oil and foreign companies that do business with blacklisted Iranian entities, including Iran’s central bank, a number of private financial institutions and state-run port and shipping companies.

Here’s what Donald Trump tweeted to mark the announcement:

OK then.

That’s certainly one way of describing it.

Yeah, it kind of is. Then again, it is 2018, so …

Indeed. Meanwhile:

Right after they’re finished interviewing Stephen Miller’s fifth cousin once-removed.