Don’t know who Jerry Saltz is? We’ll refresh your memory: He’s the senior art critic for New York Magazine who waxed poetic over sexually charged subway “art” featuring Donald Trump and Sean Hannity.

Well, it should come as no surprise to you that Saltz is still a terrible person who is also, as it happens, completely off his rocker. Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation may very well be the thing that sends him to the nuthouse for good:

In case you didn’t get that the first time …

That’s nice, dear.

But that’s the only message the Left has these days!

A regular Bob Dylan, that Jerry.

We know we’re not supposed to be laughing at him, but we can’t help ourselves.

OK, so first of all, how on earth did a guy who writes that incoherently and in blatant violation of so many sacred grammar rules get a job as a professional writer at New York Magazine? Doesn’t speak well of the management there.

And second of all, what in the ever-loving hell is wrong with him? It can’t be the ratio … because his is something to be immensely proud of:

So he must just be out of his mind. Being butthurt can do that to you.