Michael Avenatti has failed to make a remotely compelling case that Brett Kavanaugh has lied. But there’s plenty of evidence that Avenatti himself is a bald-faced — and bald-headed — liar.

Jesse Kelly is taking a closer look at one of Avenatti’s more outrageous claims about Kavanaugh:

To refresh your memories, here’s what Avenatti had to say about the now-infamous Fourth of July entry in Kavanaugh’s yearbook:

Kelly has had just about basta of Avenatti getting away with this crap — and he’s shredding Avenatti with actual evidence:

And that’s where the lining up ends.

That’s a lot more than six, Michael Avenatti. We know you’re not terribly bright, but surely even you know that there’s a big difference between six and 30.

And in case that was proof enough of Avenatti’s lying scumbaggery:

To be fair, Avenatti has spewed so much bullsh*t, it’s hard to keep up with it all.