In case you missed it, a 24-year-old female Marine is now leading an infantry platoon:

More from CNN:

First Lt. Marina Hierl is making Marine history… again.

Last year, Lt. Hierl became the first woman to pass the Marine Corps Infantry Officer Course, a physically and mentally demanding 13-week program in Quantico, Virginia.

Now, Hierl is the first and only woman to lead an infantry platoon in the Marines.

Marine veteran Jesse Kelly, for one, isn’t greeting this news as a good thing:

You may agree with Kelly, you may not. But if you question his military acumen, you’re looking for trouble. Apparently, New York Daily News columnist Brandon Friedman is looking for trouble:

Friedman is indeed a veteran, having served in the Army in both Iraq and Afghanistan. And we thank him for his service. But just as he feels Jesse Kelly’s not immune to criticism, he needs to understand that neither is he. Which is why fellow Army vet — and Wounded Warrior — J.R. Salzman has absolutely no problem calling Friedman out:


Salzman had a lot more to say: