Hold up, everybody! It’s time to “pump the brakes” on Brett Kavanaugh:

Debra Messing agrees, you guys:

As well versed as Debra is on the Constitution, though, maybe she should pump the brakes on her outrage first.

Sounds pretty bad, right? Yeah, well, CNN’s apparently counting on people not reading past the headline.

Fake News is right. Or at least Very Dishonest News.

See, here’s the thing:

CNN’s article even mentions that:

In 2013, Kavanaugh was speaking at Case Western Reserve Law School in Ohio when he was asked about signing statements, with the questioner noting that critics say that presidents can issue them to ignore provisions in laws they don’t like.

In response, Kavanaugh said that injured parties can take their grievances to court if they believe the president is not following the law — and that Congress can push back as well.

And Kavanaugh noted that if a president signs a bill “and says these certain provisions in here are unconstitutional, and we’re not going to follow those provisions, that is a traditional exercise of power by Presidents.”

In a legal opinion that same year, Kavanaugh took a similar position, saying that the president can’t ignore the law “simply because of policy objections” — and that the White House must abide by the law “unless the President has a constitutional objection” to the issue at hand.

“If the President has a constitutional objection to a statutory mandate or prohibition, the President may decline to follow the law unless and until a final Court order dictates otherwise,” Kavanaugh wrote in the August 13, 2013, opinion. He made a similar argument in a 2011 dissenting opinion.

That’s hardly as simple as “Presidents can ignore laws they think are unconstitutional.” But it’s all about the outrage, right? Well done, CNN. As usual. And thanks again to Debra Messing for doing her part to spread it around.

Well, yeah. And that’s the point, isn’t it?