As Twitchy told you yesterday, GOP Sen. Rand Paul suggested that John Brennan has been “monetizing his security clearance”:

Paul also said he would recommend to Donald Trump that Brennan’s security clearance be revoked:

And later, at yesterday’s press briefing, Sarah Sanders said that the White House was “exploring the mechanisms” to revoke not just Brennan’s security clearance, but the clearance of five other officials:

NBC News intelligence and natsec reporter Ken Dilanian, for one, found that very troubling, and he shared his concern with this Twitter followers:

Not so fast, Ken.

A lot of people couldn’t help but be struck by the first sentence of Dilanian’s tweet:

It certainly doesn’t do Brennan et al. any favors. Or the media, for that matter.

At the very least, it gives the White House another leg to stand on.

If anything, Dilanian made a stronger case to revoke the security clearance of former intelligence officials.

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