As Twitchy told you, earlier this morning, someone (or someones) SWAT-ted David Hogg’s house. Fortunately, Hogg and his mother were out of town and no one was hurt.

Conservative outlet after conservative outlet rightly decried the SWAT-ting incident, but according to the dipsticks at Media Matters, conservative outlets are to blame for what happened. Yes, really:

“Media Matters Staff” writes:

The dangerous swatting episode follows months of right-wing media harassment faced by Hogg and other Parkland shooting survivors, who became prime targets of ludicrous conspiracy theories and ad-hominem attacks after speaking out against America’s endemic gun violence problem. Fox personalities used airtime to attack Hogg and other survivors for targeting gun manufacturers with activism, and Fox host Laura Ingraham taunted and mocked Hogg online, leading to an advertiser boycott that Fox News has yet to recover from. Hogg even drew the ire of Mike Adams, a far-right conspiracy theorist, who launched the absurdly-named, which is dedicated to following Parkland survivors’ every move and pushing fake stories about them.

We hate to break this to Media Matters, but there’s a huge difference between mocking David Hogg or calling him out on his B.S. and attempted murder. Moreover, there are still a lot of unanswered questions about what happened. Who the hell is Media Matters to accuse the “right-wing media” of being responsible for this? Was the “left-wing media” to blame when conservatives like Erick Erickson were victims of SWAT-ting?

Good point.


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