The NYPD’s 105th Precinct is pretty proud of themselves today, thanks to this fine work by their “Anti-Crime Team”:

More from NYPD News:

The police officers recovered an arsenal of guns and ammunition in a hidden room after responding to a home as the result of a landlord/tenant dispute. A tenant at the residence had been arguing with her landlord when she observed a large knife and a gun in his waistband. She called 911 and members of the 105th Precinct’s Anti-Crime Team responded to the location. The officers stopped the man and recovered a large knife; then they requested a search warrant to look for the firearm.

On Thursday April 26, the 105th Precinct’s Field Intelligence Officer (FIO), along with the Anti-Crime Team and Emergency Services Unit (ESU) executed the search warrant. They found a hidden room behind a bookcase in one of the bedrooms and recovered 16 guns and over 10,000 rounds of ammunition.

What they didn’t find, however, was any evidence that a crime had been committed. Maybe that comes later?

Must’ve been.