Donald Trump doesn’t seem to be interested in backing off of his God-awful tariff plan. Though he’s at least trying to  make this whole trade-war thing sound a little more warm and fuzzy:

In any event, Trump’s threats are already causing other countries to react:

The European Union is preparing punitive tariffs on iconic U.S. brands produced in key Republican constituencies, raising political pressure on President Donald Trump to ditch his plan for taxing steel imports.

Targeting 2.8 billion euros ($3.5 billion) of American goods, the EU aims to apply a 25 percent tit-for-tat levy on a range of consumer, agricultural and steel products imported from the U.S. if Trump follows through on his tariff threat, according to a list drawn up by the European Commission and obtained by Bloomberg News. The list of targeted U.S. goods — including motorcycles, jeans and bourbon whiskey — sends a political message to Washington about the potential domestic economic costs of making good on the president’s threat.

Here’s how London business publication City A.M. covered the looming trade war:

Oh, what we wouldn’t give to have written that headline …

The year’s still young, but we’re pretty sure that one can’t be topped. This much, though, is certain: