Yesterday, Democratic Sen. Cory Booker made a colossal ass of himself, getting physically riled up while berating DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. His despicable behavior was met by the Left with silence at best — and accolades at the worst.

The RNC called Booker out for his conduct, but let Booker be clear: It wasn’t inappropriate or “mansplaining” when he did it. In fact, he says his “conduct was on-point”:


I wish they would come out and deal with real issues of inequality when it comes to women, like equal pay for equal work. But this is politics. I’m standing here as a United States senator in my official capacity, challenging a Cabinet secretary who’s lying before the Senate on an issue that affects my state, as well as this nation, as well as us internationally, something as serious as her lying about overt bigotry coming out of the, out of the White House. So I’m, my conduct was on-point, and my personal emotion in all of this should be understood. I will fight against bigotry, racism, sexism, homophobia wherever I see it, because I’ve benefited from people speaking up in the years past and doing the same.

Oh, please! Not even T-Bone is swallowing that spin.

Change? Rules clearly don’t even apply to Democrats.

And it’s only gonna get worse.