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SO broken: Jim Acosta REALLY wants people to think Trump is privately stewing over Ukraine and his 'likely impeachment'

Privately, Jim Acosta is stewing. Close adviser says Jim sits in front of his television eating ice cream and sobbing watching reruns of Trump rallies every night. Sure, this sounds silly but it’s honestly just about as possible as Jim’s tweet claiming Trump is stewing over his ‘likely impeachment’ because a ‘close adviser’ says so.

Sure, Jim.

We totally believe you.


So very, very broken.

Yup. It’s easy for ol’ Jim to push his fake news when that’s all his base really wants to read or hear.


Dear Diary …



So much OOF! WaPo journo Shane Harris who got it REALLY wrong on the Steele dossier doubles DOWN and it does not go well

There’s a TON: Will Chamberlain puts together thread of false statements from Schiff’s ‘FISA response memo’ and HOLY crap

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