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WTF? Donna Brazile tweets just one word, confuses the Hell out of Twitter

Donna Brazile tweeted just one word.


What’s great?

Her pancakes?


Some deal at WalMart?


What could it be? To just tweet the word ‘great.’ Perhaps she was in the middle of tweeting “Great news, Hillary is dropping out of the race,” and lot her internet connection?


Or MAYBE she’s the robot and her operating system totes crashed mid-tweet.

Ooh, good one.

Sounds like …

It is pretty hilarious … whatever could she have been tweeting? Hopefully she doesn’t pull the tweet because it gave us and all of Twitter a good laugh.


That’s what she meant! Of course! Gold star.

It is oddly the only tweet she has sent since 19 hours ago, so surely there was something she was trying to convey. What that something was though, the world may never know.

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