Twitter … doing something its users want? GET OUTTA HERE. For years (decades now?), Twitter users have been asking, no, BEGGING Twitter to allow them to edit tweets for typos and errors, and for years (decades) Twitter has been ignoring them.

Until now.

Could it really be happening?

From Axios:

Twitter announced Thursday it has started internal testing of a long-requested feature that will allow people to edit tweets after they are sent.

Driving the news: Twitter said its edit feature is being tested internally and will expand to “a select group of people including Twitter Blue subscribers in the coming weeks.” The company had said in April it planned to begin testing editable tweets, shortly after Elon Musk had polled his followers on whether they wanted to be able to edit posts.

Only certain people will be able to edit their tweets.

Because of course.

How it works: In its current iteration, the edit feature allows customers to change their tweets “a few times” within 30 minutes of posting.

But after that, too bad so sad.

Ok, maybe this isn’t as exciting as we thought. Sounds like it’s something only ‘the chosen’ will have access to, or those willing to pay to use the tech giant.

Within 30 minutes.

And it will show as edited.

If it’s going to show as edited what does it matter if it’s not within 30 minutes? Eh.


And then a ‘select few’.

So the rest of us will see this in … well, never.




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