Elizabeth Warren chickened out … err… thumbed her nose at Fox News hosting a Town Hall for her.

She claimed it was because Fox News is full of haters for profit but deep down everyone knows why she REALLY said no. Besides, if that were true about haters for profit you know Liz would sign up as long as they hated the right type of people and/or movements.

Jedediah Bila chimed in …

Cowards are gonna coward.

And we thought the DNA release made Elizabeth Warren look bad. Wow.

This also proves Big Chief Runs Away aka Warren doesn’t really care about changing minds, she really just wants to pander to her own base.

Where it’s safe.

Hell, even Bernie Sanders came on Fox News … c’mon Liz.

This editor thinks of her like the Jeb! of the Democrat nominees.

*please clap*

Something like that.



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