All we have heard from the Left (and most of the media) is how the Trump administration is cruel for separating families at the border who cross illegally into this country.

Well, that and a lot of shrieking at Paul Ryan for wishing folks a Happy Father’s Day, but that’s a different story.

No, it appears Trump and his evil cronies are deliberately forcing innocent families to cross into this country illegally so they can SNATCH the children from them and terrify them while they unfairly process their parents.

It sounds really stupid (like stupider than usual), but it’s basically what they’re pushing this week. Seems like there is some new issue where the Left tries to exploit children in some capacity for their narrative every other week, eh?

Which is why we so loved this epic photo-thread from Breitbart’s, Bradon Darby.

The border has been an issue for DECADES … especially under Obama.


Where were all of the compassionate Lefties and Hollywood types in 2014?

Paging John Legend?

Double wow.

Notice how they’re basically caged in there, sleeping on the floor.

More people sleeping on the floor.

What is the capacity for these rooms?


Shame on the Obama administration.

There are 19 more photos on this thread … 19.

But how many of us remember the Left reporting on this ‘travesty’ during Obama’s presidency?

Just crickets back then.


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