You had to know the Sean Spicer parody account, Sean Spicier, would have a thing or two to ‘tweet’ about the Dem’s behavior when it comes to defending MS-13. Forget that the Left has made a joke of themselves already with this out-of-context rage vomit, Spicier just HAD to dump a little salt in their wound.

And seriously, we’ve been writing about this guy (or gal) for nearly two years … how can anyone be dense enough to think this is really Sean Spicer?

Wait, don’t answer that.

This was brilliance:

And since it was brilliant, the Left lost their damn minds over it more so than usual.

See for yourself.

What exactly was racist about Spicier’s tweet?

This is so confusing.


It was a joke … you know what, forget it.

You know that face you make when you’re in the movie theater and some jack-a-ninny in front of you has their phone on during the movie? Yeah, we just made that face.

They try so hard!

We couldn’t call this a Twitchy piece if we didn’t cover a few other snags on Spicier’s timeline:

Them’s fightin’ words!

Funny how these guys keep thinking this is Sean Spicer.

Yeah, we can’t even.

Mind blown.


If only that were true.


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