Leave it to Slate to out-stupid themselves, again. Seriously, you’d think at some point they’d reach MAX stupidity but oh no, they just keep on keepin’ on. Like this horse manure …

From Slate (so you don’t have to read the whole thing):

The country needs a less racist conservatism, or less bigoted conservatism, if not a nonbigoted—I mean, many people say our liberalism is bigoted too, so it depends on from what perspective you’re seeing this. I think that in some ways, we didn’t appreciate—you know, Mitt Romney and George W. Bush had lots of problems and all, but we are in so much worse shape now than we were then, that I think it’s kind of incumbent on liberals and conservatives to try to think together, those who oppose Trump, what it would take to try to breathe some life back into this, to have a Republican that actually wanted to compete for the black and Latino vote again, rather than purely running against them. I don’t claim to kind of have conclusive answers, but I think the project is one that liberals and conservatives of good will need to really both be engaged in.

That’s cute, pretending that Conservatives are inherently racist while completely ignoring the history of the Democratic party. Adorbs even.

COMPLETE garbage, but amusing nonetheless.

And will continue to vote for you even when you’ve failed them.

Right, they are the experts after all.



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