Michael, Michael, Michael.*snort*

Old tweets never really go away.

Seems Michael Moore has finally taken it upon himself to write about a ‘World Without Harveys … even though he’s done nothing but tweet support for Weinstein for years.

Check out this shot and chaser:

This is ALMOST as funny as Michael’s suggestion for a rewrite on the Second Amendment (that was a HOOT).

TFW you include a tweet in your piece because it made you laugh so hard it was painful.


Seems like we’re finding out more and more of these people knew and just didn’t want to step on toes because of politics. And if you’re willing to allow possibly hundreds of women to be sexually assaulted because of politics, you’re doing it wrong.


WHOA: Did Monica Lewinsky just SMACK Bill Clinton with her #MeToo tweet?

Well DUH: Clinton Foundation keeping as much as $250,000 in dirty donations from Weinstein