Seems the media that spent the last eight years acting as Obama’s press team is fussy over Trump being interviewed by Fox & Friends.

Like these whiners have ANY room to talk.

From the Washington Post:

Thursday morning’s iteration of the long-standing, mutually beneficial relationship between Trump and the team at Fox News was a perfect distillation of an ideal interaction with the media for Trump. Leading questions, little follow-up and all the space in the world to say whatever he wanted to say.

Sounds a lot like every interview Obama ever did with the news outlets he didn’t ban … remember when he all but banned Fox News?

That might have been written into their actual contracts.

No one takes CNN seriously except CNN.

But Obama deserved the butt kissing? No?

We got nothing.

We do, we do!

Oof. Gotta keep reminding Americans that CNN basically worked with the DNC to push Bernie out.

Never let them forget.

They were, but since she didn’t win now they actually have to find things to write about.

Poor dears.


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