How many times do we have to remind these a-holes that Barron is a CHILD?!

Takes a REAL MAN to go after an 11-year-old because he’s angry with his father – stay classy, Danny.

Oh and of course Rosie had to chime in.

This is just pathetic.

Sadly there were only a few voices of reason on this thread:

The rest came from seemingly blood-thirsty, hateful Lefties who still can’t figure out this is why they keep losing elections.

Look at this garbage:

His dad talked about Barron with the golf meme? Huh, missed that.

These people really believe this.

The adult was RIGHT to target a child because of Kathy Griffin. Gotcha.


No words.

Honestly there are dozens more comments on this thread basically saying Barron has it coming because his dad is Donald Trump; they are however so foul and offensive we are not comfortable posting them here.

Keep it up, Lefties. Donald will thank you personally when he wins re-election in 2020.


WHOOMP, THERE it is -> Here is EVERYTHING wrong with America in just one tweet