Earlier this week, Twitchy covered Jon Lovitz tweeting about the need to make Nazis illegal. And as most Twitchy readers would expect, this was not a position that we could or would support, so we called him out for his argument.

Apparently he wasn’t thrilled with us:

We didn’t really say he was as bad as Nazis, we just pointed out that the behavior of silencing people you disagree with is fascist.

And we even mentioned that it pained us to write something not-so-flattering about him but *sigh*, what can ya’ do?

Man, dissed by a cat lady. That hurts.

This didn’t go so well.

In this country (for now) it’s still legal to be a jackass.

God bless America.

Editor’s notes:

Would also like to point out that we have in the past covered Jon very positively:

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If he would search our site he will see many more positive stories about him, just sayin’. 


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