As Twitchy readers know, Google reportedly fired James Damore, the ‘writer’ of the so-called ‘anti-diversity memo’ that really only pointed out that men and women are different.

Twitter EXPLODED in outrage over the firing (and a handful of SJW harpies praising Google for firing an evil man for daring to speak out of turn), so at 12:40 a.m., Google released a portion of the email CEO Sundar Pichai sent to employees regarding the situation:

The most IRONIC part of this snippet: “Our co-workers shouldn’t have to worry … each time they open their mouths to speak … ”

Their form of diversity seems to be making everyone think and believe the same things, otherwise they could be fired. They sure don’t seem overly welcoming of Conservatives or independent thinking …

No thanks.

HA! Could they have done anything more to prove Damore right?

From the WaPo even … interesting.

Think Pichai realizes he literally proved Damore’s point for him?

On that note, it sounds like Damore will likely take legal action against Google:

The Internet giant really stepped in it …


Employee whose memo criticized Google as an ‘ideological echo chamber’ reportedly fired