We know Sally, you really want to believe that big government is some gracious, faceless parent – but in reality it’s an oppressive, overreaching, gigantic bureaucracy that seems to excel at ignoring the will of the people.

Can you tell the editor of this piece is ticked off after watching the GOP spin and spin their wheels, unable to repeal Obamacare this week?

Your idea of government is not normal.

We should point out that Elliott here is far younger (yet far wiser) than Sally.

There is hope for millennials yet!

OMG YES ! We love to starve old people, kick puppies and toss kindergarteners out into the cold!

Good gravy, and these people wonder why we continue to make fun of them.

That’s why most sane people who understand government support limiting its power, yes.


Seems to be the progressive mantra unfortunately.

Maybe instead of ‘normal government’ Sally was actually talking about a ‘socialist government’.

Self-governance and responsibility is kryptonite to the Left.

If they think the government’s job is to babysit the people no wonder they keep throwing such huge tantrums.


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