Apparently in a battle between himself and a pair of pants, super-science-guy Neil deGrasse Tyson lost … we can’t even begin to make up such silliness so luckily all we have to do is report on it.

Hey, don’t take our word for it, read it for yourself – a “play” of sorts in three tweets:

The editor of this piece only laughed for 14 hours but hey, we get it.

Before writing this article, we went out to see if the tweets were still on Tyson’s timeline, and they were:

Sometimes we wonder if Neil just sits around coming up with ridiculous things to say on Twitter.

And really, we’re not smart enough to know our brains are simple? This guy can’t even take his pants off without falling over …

We’ll just place this in the “Things We Need Never Have Known about Neil deGrasse Tyson” column.

Argh, thanks for this visual.

Clearly and yet still TMI.


Ok, then maybe be a good sport and delete them?


RIGHT? As if the creation of beer wasn’t proof enough of that already.

Neither can we – guess it’s just the risk we take with covering Twitter.